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Welcome to The Gingerbread House

Our vision is to create a haven where we can bring awareness and resources to families living with diabetes.

TGH Purpose

TGH Purpose

Our main purpose is to assist families living with diabetes, while providing awareness of the challenges of T1D.  This is the reason for our “Purpose” program.  We are extremely proud to announce our first recipient, Jenny.  In June 2018, due to T1D complications, Jenny endured an enucleation (eye removal), causing a long recovery process, creating a challenging financial crisis for her and her two children.  Through fundraising efforts, TGH was able to assist her in a financial capacity.

TGH Scholars

TGH Scholars

#TGHScholars is a program to help T1D students head off to college.  Although we are still working out the details, we anticipate implementing this program.  It will help parents with their T1D students make sure their transition from childhood to adulthood is as seamless as possible with regards to their Diabetes management.



TGH Health Initiative

In 2017, we introduced the #TGHHealthInitiative.  The TGH water campaign encouraged our community to partake in different events where we added fun activities, while providing education.  A personal favorite was water pong; it was a creative way to incorporate drinking more water, while generating funds.  During these activities and events, we encouraged our supporters to drink more water.  During the hot summer months, TGH donated water to several local summer camps.



Check out our new events section for the latest news.  On this page we offer complete event information, such as date, time, location and directions.


Our Team

Secretary, President

Gisel Garrido, Ivette Jimenez & Madelin Suarez Alfonso

Secretary, President & Vice President

As with all extraordinary achievements, it begins with vision. Our founder, Ivette Jimenez, once made a personal promise to help Diabetic families in any way possible, to honor her brother. This began over 10 years ago by her having an event at her home every December where neighbors would make Gingerbread Houses. All of the proceeds raised would always be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). In December 2016, we had an extraordinary time with family, friends and neighbors. We held a huge raffle and made a whole bunch of Gingerbread houses, all to benefit the JDRF. This was the 10th year Ivette held this event. It was different this year. You see, with the support of so many from the community, she decided she would work on incorporating and make her dream finally come true by starting a non-profit organization.

Most people never meet their hero, Madelin Alfonso gave birth to hers! Her eldest son was diagnosed when he was 5 years old. This is one momma that has experienced so very much, she provides knowledge of the real life struggles her family faces, daily. Mainly, awareness of what it means to be a Type 1 Diabetic, and the safety factors surrounding diabetes is her priority.

Gisel Garrido’s career is that if community service. Her direct link to this organization is all about heart, service and community. She simply wants more compassion in the world awareness.

This is the organization to ‘The Gingerbread House’. Please, help us bring awareness by sharing our posts, going to our events and becoming aware of the difficulties many families face while living with diabetes. We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization striving to help families living with Diabetes. Thank you all for your amazing support!



You can mail us a check payable to The Gingerbread House at:

10430 Sw 207 st
Cutler bay, FL 33189

Tel: 305-498-9725

Non-Cash Financial Gifts:

We will gladly take gifts of stock, real estate, life insurance, life income gifts, and bequests.
Thank you for your personal gift!

Other Ways to Donate

Corporate Sponsorship:

There are many opportunities for corporations to support The Gingerbread House. You can sponsor our diabetic participants in getting everything they need to receive the training and skills needed to be a productive person, who is completely independent. Help our participants get a quality education to not only better themselves, but to achieve that awesome sense of pride when they know they’ve beat the odds in meeting their goals. After all, setting goals and accomplishing them is the best feeling somebody can have. Have questions? Email

In-Kind Contributions:

Are greatly appreciated, and will given to our participants to help them in any way needed.

We also accept high school student volunteers.

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